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Hair Cuts

Hair CuttingChanging the haircut could actually make someone look different and also can make other people notice you. The proof, with only the sound of hair bangs are too long with a shorter model, your appearance was already a change of 90 degrees. So by changing hairstyles, of course you can change into a 180 degree look fresher, more energetic or graceful and certainly with a new look can also generate a new spirit within you.

There are flattering cuts for every face shape. We provide Women's Regular Haircut, Women's Style Haircut, Wash Cut & Blow, Wash & Blow Dry, Hair Polish Treatment, Hair Protein Treatment, Straightening, Curling Iron Style.

Hair Cutting    Hair Cutting    Hair Cutting    Hair Cutting    Hair Cutting
Services Price
Women's Regular Haircut $ 15.00 and up
Women's Style Haircut $ 30.00 and up
Wash Cut & Blow $ 35.00 and up
Wash & Blow Dry $ 30.00 and up
Hair Polish Treatment $ 40.00 and up
Hair Protein Treatment $ 40..00 and up
Straightening $ 30.00 and up
Curling Iron Style $ 40.00 and up
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